Parsec Speaker Cables

Superb balance of characteristics. Classic Cardas midrange, quick bass, rich harmonics, and a naturally extended top octave. Cardas Parsec works great with virtually any speaker and has a bi-wire option. Parsec cable evolved from Quadlink cable and is a mix of old and new technology found in Cardas flagship cables.

Parsec benefits from the technology originally developed for the flagship Clear cables: Matched Propagation Conductors. These ultra-pure copper, Kevlar core conductors, for which George Cardas received US Patent 7,674,973 in 2010, make possible the transparency, dynamics and holographic imaging of Clear. George Cardas specifically designed a version of this conductor for Parsec Interconnect, and Parsec marks the first time any cable outside of the Clear range has employed Matched Propagation Conductors.

In addition to sharing some of the sonic characteristics offered by Cardas' flagship cables, Parsec still has the warmth & musicality that made its predecessor Quadlink a top Cardas Cardas favorite for nearly 30 years.

Internally, Parsec is constructed around a Nylon air tube core surrounded by Anti-static fibers, a star-quad 4 conductor arrangement with PTFE air-tubes bound together in FEP tape, and a flexible TPR outer jacket.