Clear Speaker Cables

Clear was made possible by George Cardas’ invention of the Matched Propagation Conductor in 2010. These conductors, with both speaker and interconnect variants, match the propagation velocity of the signal through the copper wire to the propagation rate of the best available dielectric materials. This is an elegant solution to the intelligibility problem that has plagued audio cable since long before HiFi.

Early telephone systems used load coils spaced every few poles (also known as Pupin coils, for their inventor Mihajlo Pupin) to prevent amplitude and time delay distortion. Although this solution was was an improvement over the garbled sound created by the signal outpacing the dielectric, it was also a “fix it after the fact” approach.

It is fitting that George Cardas developed a significantly more elegant and effective solution, in that long time before founding Cardas Audio, he spent years as a line engineer with the telephone company in Southern California.

The Matched Propagation Solution prevents the distortion from happening in the first place. By matching the propagation of the conductor to the dielectric through the use of specific pitch angles for each strand of copper wire wrapped around a core of Kevlar yarn, and the selection of hard to obtain, high performance dielectric materials with fast dissipation rates, the signal remains intact and intelligible throughout the length of the cable,