3060 Stereo Amplifier

There are projects that contradict conventions and redefine striving for perfection. Attempts are made to push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible. These projects involve countless hours of research, experimentation, and hard work, with each step along the way creating small improvements. When accumulated, these small improvements mean big leaps forward. They embody the very concept of what it takes to be the best and the results are breathtaking.

Just like the 3060. The specifications below simply speak for what this Stereo Amplifier is. 


  • PEAK POWER, 4 OHMS 1650W

  • PEAK POWER, 2 OHMS 3000W

  • THD, 8 OHMS, 900W 20-2 kHz: 0.0006%, 20 kHz: 0.0025%

  • THD, 4 OHMS, 900W 20-2 kHz: 0.0008%, 20 kHz: 0.0030%

  • THD, 2 OHMS, 900W 20-2 kHz: 0.0012%, 20 kHz: 0.0045%