3060 Stereo Amplifier

The Boulder 3060 Stereo Amplifier is a feat of engineering and design, aimed at serious audiophiles seeking uncompromising performance. This solid-state amplifier produces a staggering 900 watts per channel into 8 ohms and an impressive 1800 watts per channel into 4 ohms. With precision construction and hand-selected components, it delivers stunning sonic detail and refinement, with a frequency response of 0.01Hz to 200kHz.

According to The Absolute Sound, "The Boulder 3060 is pure sonic bliss, with incredible transparency, control, and dynamic range." This level of performance is achieved through proprietary technologies such as a balanced, fully complementary design with a wideband output stage and fully regulated power supplies. The amplifier's user-selectable gain control allows for further customization of the sound to suit specific applications and setups.

Stereophile also praised the Boulder 3060, stating that "What stood out above all was the 3060's ability to combine sheer muscle with finesse and musicality." The amplifier's ability to reproduce music with clarity and detail, while maintaining control and authority even at high volumes, makes it an impressive choice for demanding listeners. I

n summary, the Boulder 3060 Amplifier is a technical tour-de-force, with unmatched power, precision, and control. Its technological advancements, including balanced design and regulated power supplies, allow it to reproduce music with stunning detail and refinement. The  Boulder 3060 amplifier is a standout product, offering incredible sonic performance combined with exceptional build quality and precise design.