Sonus Faber

Amati G5

The Sonus faber Amati G5 loudspeaker is the embodiment of the perfect balance between form and function. Its elegant design, with a high-end walnut wood finish and leather accents, gives it a refined look that will fit beautifully into any high-end interior decor. But it's not just a pretty face - the Amati G5 is also an engineering marvel, with advanced technologies that deliver unparalleled sound quality.

The Amati G5 features a three-and-a-half-way design with a trio of 8.7-inch woofers, a 7-inch midrange driver, and a 1.1-inch silk-dome tweeter. The drivers incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as a Neodymium magnet system and a proprietary vibration-damping system, resulting in clear and accurate sound reproduction across the entire sound spectrum. The Amati G5 also features a custom-designed crossover that ensures seamless integration between the drivers, for a smooth and natural sound that's free of distortion.

With a frequency response of 28Hz to 35kHz, the Amati G5 delivers deep, tight bass and crystal-clear highs that are sure to delight even the most demanding audiophile. Whether you're listening to classical music, jazz, or rock, the SONUS FABER Amati G5 loudspeaker will transport you into a world of sonic bliss, where every note is rendered with precision and nuance. So why wait? Treat yourself to the ultimate listening experience with the Amati G5 today.

The Amati G5 is available in Red, Wenge, and Graphite.