Alumine Five SE

Like other speakers in the Alumine line, the Stenheim Alumine Five is also available as a Special Edition, the Alumine Five SE. Nominated as The Absolute Sound’s overall Product of the Year 2022, the Five SE takes the phenomenal performance of the Alumine Five and manages to raise it to even greater heights.

It takes the same sophisticated cabinet design and drivers but laces them together with a cost-no-object crossover, built with the finest available components. The Alumine Five’s crossover is exactingly and meticulously engineered to be as musically unobtrusive as possible. But through the selection of even higher grade components, it is possible to release a whole new level of musical information: greater resolution, richer textures, more articulate rhythms and more natural dynamics.

Exhaustive listening tests have led us to develop our own internal wiring and select the very best parts from Mundorf and Jantzen, Audyn, Myflex and Jupiter – a Who’s Who of boutique audiophile brands. The result is even greater transparency and dimensionality, even more natural separation and perspectives, micro-dynamic and harmonic resolution, a greater range of tonal colour. The result is more music, more musician and less speaker. In fact, more of what makes the Alumine Five such a great speaker in the first place. In the words of Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound : “the Stenheim Five SE is not just a great speaker: it is one of high-end audio's greatest speakers.” Truly “one for the ages”.