Legendary Japanese build quality meets meticulous engineering in Luxman. Founded in 1925 Luxman's heritage is unparalleled. They craft products to last a lifetime while delivering extraordinary sound quality. Dedication to developing and building truly in-house solutions unpins their exceptional sonic performance and reliability.

Luxman is known for building extraordinary quality components in a wide array of both tube and solid state. If Luxman were a car company, it would be Lexus, only as old at Rolls Royce. Their build quality is exquisite - heavy milled aluminum, the polished vents, the big heavy metal knobs and toggle switches with good solidthunks when you operate them. The Luxman sound is resolving with a warm easy relax-and-enjoy quality. A vintage tone with modern day performance.  

Luxman offers a full range of high-fidelity electronics including pre-, power-, and integrated amplifiers, disc players, DACs, phono stages, and turntables.

All Luxman products are made in Japan.