Pro-Ject X1 B Turntable

The X1 B turntable has gained significant recognition in the audio industry for its exceptional performance and affordability. The turntable employs a variety of innovative techniques to tackle issues related to isolation and resonance, including height-adjustable TPE-damped aluminum feet, top-quality MDF plinths, solid acrylic record platters, and a one-piece carbon-wrapped aluminum tonearm tube with precision bearings. The motor of the X1 is shielded and TPE-isolated, and is powered by the cleanest power available, thanks to the implementation of Speed Box technology, enabling push-button speed change and spot-on stability.

The X1 B turntable incorporates balanced connections, which offer significant benefits in terms of minimizing noise and maximizing sound quality. A balanced circuit at the input-end of the turntable plays a critical role in handling noise that may accrue in the system. Unlike an unbalanced signal, which only includes a positive conductor and a grounding conductor, a balanced signal includes both positive and negative conductors, as well as a grounding conductor per channel. The positive and negative signals are inverted copies of each other, rendering them electrically different when processed by a balanced circuit. Interference affects the positive and negative conductors identically, resulting in the same noise artifacts in the circuit. However, a balanced circuit's differential amplifier implements "Common-Mode Rejection," which cancels out the identical noise and amplifies the inverted positive and negative signals. By inverting only the negative component to match the positive one, the signal amplitude increases without the introduction of noise. The result is a reduction in noise, which allows for a new level of depth to emerge in the soundstage, revealing more detail and heightened dynamics. Therefore the X1 B turntable's implementation of balanced connections provides listeners with a more immersive and engaging listening experience.