Clear Beyond Phono Cable

Clear Beyond Phono is based on Clear Beyond Interconnect, a marvel of modern cable design, featuring the most advanced Cardas Matched Propagation Conductors. Clear Beyond Phono brings noteworthy improvements in spatial imaging, dynamics, and low frequency impact while retaining the classic Cardas musicality.

Clear Beyond Phono builds on over 30 years of Cardas Audio’s relentless dedication to the perfection of high performance cables. Superior shielding and advanced air-tube suspension geometry result in an O.D. of .511”, which necessitates the use of Cardas XRCA 13 adaptor for single-ended termination, and a re-designed CG XLR for balanced cables.

Cardas Clear Beyond phono cables comes with choice of RCA or XLR for phono preamplifier connector, and choice of either RCA or DIN for tonearm connector. When ordering DIN please specify 90 degree or straight DIN connector.