Pass Labs

INT-60 Integrated Amplifier

The Pass Labs INT-60 amplifier is a high-end amplifier that offers exceptional clarity and detail, along with powerful bass and accurate midrange reproduction. Built with the same quality and precision that Pass Labs is known for, the INT-60 utilizes proprietary technologies like Paralleled JFET input stages, high-quality toroidal power transformers, and carbon-film resistors for minimal distortion and maximum transparency.

The INT-60 features both XLR and RCA inputs and outputs, making it compatible with a variety of source components and speakers. When you listen to music with the Pass Labs INT-60 amplifier, you'll experience sound like never before. The amplifier delivers an incredibly clean, natural, and dynamic soundstage that provides exceptional detail and pinpoint imaging. The midrange is incredibly smooth and accurate, while the highs are extended and detailed without any harshness. The INT-60's signature is its bass, which is deep, tight, and punchy, providing a musical foundation that propels the entire listening experience forward, making it a perfect choice for any music.

The INT-60 has a clean and transparent sound with excellent detail and dynamics. It has a neutral tonal balance, with a controlled and tight bass, and a smooth and extended high-frequency response. The sound is musical and effortless, with a wide and deep soundstage and excellent separation of instruments and voices.