Magnepan .7

Magnepan .7

Magnepan's new .7 speaker..

...the perfect extra-bedroom Man-Cave Speaker? 

...the perfect living room friendly size? 

Even if you own the Maggie 1.7 already you must listen to the .7! Magnepan has packed some serious magic into these little guys, you won't believe how big the sound is and how small the speakers are.

One of the challenges with Magnepans has always been how large they are. It's hard to convince everyone in the household to put a speaker the height and width of a refridgerator smack dab into your american standardish 14x16 the living room.  The fridge sized models are the 3.7 and MG20.7's.  Awesome performance, and really in their own league even when compared to all other speakers.  The 1.7i is a little more reasonable, it's about 2/3 the width of a door and about the height of your friend who tells you he's 5'10.  Still a bit large to put in the living room, but with a little extra dishwashing and perhaps a trip to Italy, the 1.7i can co-exist in a living room. 

Which brings us to the .7.  The .7 is not really that much bigger than a normal box speaker in height and width + their thin mint profile starts to come more into play because you can see the tops of them, and see that they are slender which gives them a lighter visual footprint. 

We have the Magnepan .7 on display at Pearl Audio Video.

The great thing we discovered is the .7 actually sounds WONDERFUL in small rooms.  In our little 12x14 theater they are pound for pound about 90% of their bigger brothers the 1.7i's.  In a 10x10 room (you know that little extra bedroom that you can put your 'office' in?), the tide shifts to the .7 being the better sounding speaker. 

The Magnepan .7 speakers have laughably great performance.  We can stack excellent dynamic speakers IN OUR STORE that are 2-3 times it's price next to it, and watch customer's heads swivel towards us with comments like "The maggies are better than those", "The maggies are much better than those", or sometimes "The maggies are way-better than those". 

Excellent with little Rega Brio's and any tube amplifier. A favorite system of ours is the Mac C2600 tube pre-amplifier and a pair of Mac MC75 tube mono-block amplifiers.  The little tube monoblocks are only 10" deep and look/sound terrific with the .7's. 

  The Magnepan .7 is on display at Pearl Audio Video.