Magnepan 3.7i

"the Maggies will serve up the sorts of rich, rare, and refined listening experiences typically associated with loudspeakers several times their price."-Chris Martens Magnepan 3.7i review

The Magnepan 3.7i speakers are fair and square competitors to anything at any price. In many ways they supersede the performance of any speaker at any price.  The reason is quite simple:   A dynamic driver verses a planar driver.  The first weighs a few ounces, the second a few 1/100's of ounces (my science teachers are shuddering).  Much like a 20,000 lb semi trailer truck verses a light 2,000 lb sports car, the latter can start and stop on a dime.  No matter how much engine you put into the semi truck, no matter how large the brakes, it will never be described as 'agile'.

The  bass, middle, and high frequency all blend together to produce sound from one seamless 'sheet'.  For the opposite imagine listening to a sub sat lifestyle system. You are acutely aware that the bass is coming from the little box at your feet and the high frequencies from the small high treble speakers with a big hole where the midrange never was. From our upright bass example, a poorly integrated speaker delivers the thump of the bass, but the just shovels out a coarse disconnected glob of unrelated sound coming from the wood in the bass body. The wood sound, we've all heard it. It's why we love upright bass. It's the magical sound from a giant fifty year old tonewood violin that shakes and creaks all kinds of fascinating low tones begetting overtones, begetting harmonics. It's the wood that's good and the 3.7's communicate this.