L-509X Integrated Amplifier

"The L-509X is one of the most intimate-sounding, dynamic, texturally nuanced, truthful purveyors of music of my experience."  -Ken Micallef L-509X review

If you took a room full of the top 100 audio reviewers in the world, and asked them to list the best integrated amplifier in the world, chances are pretty good that the Luxman L-509X will win the day. Of course you can look to exotic hyper-priced 15 watt exotic tube amplifiers or perhaps some minimalist solid designs and make considerably valid cases.

Out of this crowd though, if you really asked the whole hundred, the Luxman has a pretty fair shake of winning the day. The big Luxman has power, features, luxury Japanese build quality, a great company behind it, and extraordinary sound.  

To say the same thing with more words:

-It's extraordinarily powerful at 210 watts into 4 Ohm and produces absolutely spectacular, textured bass. It's a viable alternative to a preamp and large 300 watt class separate stereo amplifier. 

-It's beautiful to look at with exquisite thick metal work (see photos).

-It has beautiful build quality with knobs and selectors that define satisfying thunk.

-It's big and heavy, but at 65lbs it's manageable to lift with one person.

-It has an incredible array of useful features including a phono stage that could be sold in its own chassis with a $5000 price tag.

-Sonically it's one of the most pleasing sounding components we've had in our store, with a delicate warm and textured sound combined with instantaneously alive drive and powerful bass.

The Luxman L-509X has white meters, indicating Luxman's reference range. 

120 watts at 8 Ohms, 210 watts at 4 Ohms

MM/MC Phono