Music makes life better.

It's the sound of your greatest achievements and happiest moments. It's the soundtrack to the best of times with the people you love the most. It' a source of energy and inspiration, of comfort and joy.

It's beautiful. Powerful. Magical. and Linn makes it better. 

Music isn’t just something to be enjoyed in isolation, as fun as that is. It’s a joy to share it too. Linn's products bring extraordinary music to every inch of your home and enable you and your family to control it with a computer, tablet or phone—and to keep the music flowing no matter who’s home.

Linn's systems are designed to work in perfect harmony with your home. Place a Linn system wherever you want, and their Space Optimisation technology will ensure you get the best possible sound.

Whether you’re with friends or with family, working in the den or dining in the kitchen, Linn brings music to wherever you want it in exceptional quality and without complications or clutter.

Pearl Audio has been Portland's Linn dealer since 2006.

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