"First, yes, there has been a changeover with the LP S. Benz has gone to a micro-ridge stylus(thus the "MR"). Second, so far I think the Benz LP-S MR is one of the two or three best cartridges I've had in my system. It is outstanding." - Jonathan Valin

The Benz Micro LP-S MR is one of our favorite cartridges here at Pearl Audio Video and one we often put on our higher end turntables for those looking for tremendous resolution combined with class leading dynamics.  Love to listen to big classic rock music, but with all the resolution possible? The Benz LP-S!  

The Benz LPS-MR is a micro-ridge stylus giving it the ability to trace the finest gradations of vinyl and bring out the slightest nuance across all frequencies. The high mass frame, fifty percent higher than its predecessor, is made of brass which gives the cartridge great stability and stillness when playing high dynamic music and lends itself to bombastic splendor. Over the frame is an ebony wood body.  Ebony is a tonewood known for having a smooth even frequency response. You see Ebony wood being used, for example, on the Gibson highest model Les Paul - the Les Paul Custom, which is known for its delicate response and velvety smoothness - often chosen by Jazz guitarists.

The LPS is a heavy cartridge, coming in at 16 grams with a compliance of 15, so you need to be careful and put this on a heavier tonearm such as the big Graham Elite. It's output is .35 mV, and really just its amazing depth and detail will make it perform best with high shelf phono stage than can handle low input signals while doing justice to the big Benz' bass and resolution - something like the Audio Research REF Phono 3SE or the Boulder 1108

Weight: 16g
Output: .35 mV
Stylus: Micro-ridge
Compliance: 15
Tracking 1.8-2g
Load range: 400
Internal ohms: 38