Clear Cygnus Speaker Cables

Clear Cygnus is one of the most open, transparent and dynamic speaker cables Cardas has ever produced. Designed to deliver nearly Clear-level performance at a fraction of the price, Cygnus features a pair of Matched Propagation, Golden Ratio scaled, Kevlar core Litz conductors, based on the flagship Clear & Clear Beyond conductors.

Sitting one step below Clear Speaker, Cygnus shares many characteristics including spectacular sonic performance, machined aluminum strain relief, and connectors that are forged onto the ends of the cable in a solder-less 10,000 PSI two-stage process that melds the copper of the conductor to that of the connector.

In 2017, Cygnus took the place of Clear Light, being the result of a redesign/ that turned out to be fitting of a new product launch. Cygnus can ordered in bi-wire configuration.

Termination Options:
Forged billet copper connectors: 1/4" (6mm) and 9mm spades, and bananas are available as termination options.