Clear Reflection Speaker Cables

Clear Reflection Speaker is the modern descendant of a classic Cardas Golden Reference speaker cable. Think of it as a Cardas Clear speaker cable with the bass-emphasis sonics and warmth of the Golden Reference. 

Cardas Golden Reference reigned in high-end audio from 1998 until the introduction of Clear in 2010. Golden Reference combined the warmth and euphoric midrange of its predecessor, Golden Cross, with greater high frequency extension, transparency, and holographic imaging.

As with Golden Reference, Clear Reflection features three bundles of four 11.5 AWG Golden Ratio Scaled, Crossfield Litz Conductors. Only now those conductors conform to the design principles outlined in George Cardas’ US Patent 7,674,973 - the Matched Propagation Conductor.

Matched Propagation conductors convey a sense of realism unprecedented in audio cables, solving problems of amplitude and time delay distortion that go back to the dawn of the telephone. With their development, came the design of the original Clear cables. The Clear line offered amazing clarity (hence the name), neutrality, transparency, wide & fast dynamic swings, and spectacular holographic imaging. Clear became the go-to reference cable for zero-compromise systems.