Berkeley Audio Design

Alpha Reference Series 3 DAC

The Alpha DAC Reference Series 3 contains breakthrough technology that redefines the potential of digital audio quality. Experienced industry listeners who have heard the Alpha DAC Reference Series 3 are unanimous in their praise, saying that the Reference Series 3 clearly outperforms any other DAC they have heard, including those with six figure retail prices, and even the much admired DAC portion of the Pacific Microsonics Model 2 studio ADC/DAC. In addition to its unprecedented PCM audio quality, the Alpha DAC Reference Series 3 also features MQA Rendering of unequaled audio quality.

The Berkeley Audio Reference Series 3 Features

  • Unequaled PCM audio quality from 32kHz to 192kHz
  • Unequaled MQA Rendering audio quality to 384kHz and above
  • Ultra low phase noise conversion clocking
  • Ultra low distortion variable output attenuator
  • Outputs can connect directly to power amplifiers