2MM 3 Point Aluminum Spacer

Rega Website 2MM 3 Point Aluminum Spacer Black

This is a slightly lower cost version of the stainless steel Rega Spacer with a flat black finish.  Laser cut from 2mm aluminium and anodised black. Fits all Rega three point tonearms including the 2016 range of Planar turntables.

Use this to raise your tonearm. Note that most cartridges require two of these.  A good way to tell is to measure the height of your cartridge by setting it down on a table and using a metric ruler.

The standard Rega cartridge is 14 mm in height. Most cartridges are 18 mm, so you need 4 mm of height increase on the tonearm, so you need two of these.  We are happy to install these on your table for you at Pearl Audio.