MQ-88uC Tube Stereo Amplifier

The Luxman MQ-88 Tube Stereo Amplifier is a premium audio product that combines modern audio engineering with classic tube amplification technology to provide a unique and unparalleled listening experience. This amplifier features four 6CA7 output tubes per channel, providing 25 watts per channel of pure tube amplification. The amplifier also includes a high-quality phono input, designed to provide the necessary amplification for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

The Luxman MQ-88 Tube Stereo Amplifier features a robust and sophisticated power supply circuit designed to minimize vibration and noise while delivering a pure and detailed sound. The amplifier also includes high-quality capacitors and film resistors, ensuring a stable and clear sound signature. Additionally, the MQ-88 features Luxman's proprietary LECUA (Luxman Electrically Controlled Ultimate Attenuator) volume control system, delivering unmatched precision and channel balance while maintaining perfect sound fidelity.

In terms of design, the Luxman MQ-88 Tube Stereo Amplifier is imbued with the classic Luxman look, featuring a sleek aluminum front panel and premium quality knobs, providing a sense of understated elegance that will complement any audio system. The amplifier is also equipped with a remote control that allows users to control the volume, inputs, and power supply from the comfort of any listening position. Overall, The Luxman MQ-88 Tube Stereo Amplifier is an exceptional audio product that satisfies even the most discerning audiophile, delivering an unparalleled listening experience that is truly exceptional.