Rega Planar 10 Arrives

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The new Rega Planar 10 with Apheta 3 cartridge has arrived. The Planar 10 / Apheta 3 replaces the RP10 with Apheta 2. 

This new package, like its father the before it, will continue to set an absolute benchmark at its $6695 price point. The Rega 10s are easily the finest set-and-forget high performance turntable out there and one that we happily suggest to those looking for high-level performance sound with low fuss and adjust.

The older RP10 had an external rectangular plinth to suppor the cover. The new Planar 10 dispenses with that and introduces a new, even more minimalist* design.

*my favorite oxymoron. 

Rega Planar 10

The Planar 10 features the new RB3000 tonearm which has a significantly more accurate bearing housing.

The Planar 10 spindle is also new with increased bearing surface uniformity with micron-perfect bearing fit.  

Also improved is a new 30% lighter plinth, ceramic top brace, new motor, new power supply, and a completely new low-mass central hub.

The platter is an all-new ceramic platter created from ceramic oxide powder that is compression-fired, then diamond saw shaped for extraordinary uniformity and flatness - you can feel this when you handle the platter.  

The Rega P10 comes with a new P10 PSU custom matched power supply. Housed in a custom designed all metal half-width case, the new P10 PSU runs the P10's 24v motor as quietly and accurately as possible using a new digital signal processing generator built with a new high stability crystal. The P10 PSU outputs a more perfect sine wave to power the motor which in turn gives a more perfect rpm rotation and better sound.


The new Rega P10 dispenses with the larger square dust cover and now has a small form-fitting cover that is lightweight and compact. This is an excellent solution and allows the turntable to fit into much smaller spaces as well. 

Tipping it all off is the massively improved Apheta 3 cartridge which has a new high-powered iron cross coil that is 50% percent lighter than the Mk 1 model. As famed Lotus sports car designer Colin Chapman said, "simplify, then add lightness." The lighter a cartridge's moving coil assembly, the faster the moving stylus can track a record.

Here is Pearl Audio's Apheta 3 with stylus cover on:

 The Planar 10 reviews and awards are already coming in.

If you wish to read more see the Rega website Planar 10.  

Pearl Audio has the new Rega Planar 10 and Apheta 3 on display on our Turntable Row.  Come by for a listen!