Pearl Audio Welcomes Rotel and Michi

  • 1 min read

Pearl Audio is now a Rotel and Michi Dealer.

We just received several Rotel stock and demonstrator pieces with more to come. 

We've ordered a full suite of a Rotel models including integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, amplifiers and CD players.  Shown below are the 200 watt RA-1592MKII and 120 watt RA-1572. 

The two integrateds support analog, digital, XLR, aptXTM and AAC Bluetooth, PC-USB with MQA and Moving Magnet Phono stage inputs. The audiophile grade 32-bit/384kHz DAC and precisely tuned circuits delivers an unprecedented sound stage with exacting positioning.

We are also carrying Rotel's higher-end Michi electronics.  The Michi X3 Integrated is already here and we await the X5 Integrated.  

We've been playing our demo X3  for a few days and love the easygoing high resolution combined with strong dynamics and a spacious presentation. 

The X3 delivers 350 Watts of Class AB output power into 4 ohm loads maintaining musical accuracy with exceptional acoustic detail from the Analog, Digital, PC-USB, apt-X Bluetooth and Moving Magnet Phono Stage source inputs. 

We have also ordered the new P5 Preamp and S5 Stereo Amp, which should be along within a month or so. 

If you would like to schedule an audition please give us a call at 503 222-2599, or just stop by. 


John, Russ, Connor & Tara