Pearl Audio is now a HiFi ROSE Dealer

  • 2 min read

HiFi ROSE streamers have come to Portland Oregon!

Pearl Audio is excited to announce that we now carry the new HiFi ROSE touchscreen audio and video streamers.

HiFi Rose' parent company is a Korean manufacturer of touchcreen informational kiosks that decided to combine their well developed touch screen technology with music and video streaming. The result is an iphone-like quality touchscreen experienc e combined with audio and video streaming capabilities. 

Hifi ROSE Touchscreen Front Panel

The entire front face of a Hifi Rose music streamer is the control panel. You just walk up to it, use the touchscreen front panel to select the audio or video you wish to enjoy, and away you go. There is also an included app and wand remote.  

HiFi ROSE Plays Video

In addition to audio streaming, HiFi Rose also plays video.  You can enjoy music videos on the small Hi-Fi Rose screen and you can output via HDMI to your television.  Hifi Rose also has the ability to play video's from their youTube subchannel of advertisement free music videos or an optional installed hard drive.

Hifi Rose plays video

HiFi Rose Rear Panel

Shown below the the rear panel of the HiFi ROSE RS150B which has ARC return channel - so your TV volume control works on the Hifi Rose too. The smaller RS250 and 201 have standard non-ARC HDMI outputs.  Hifi Rose also has analog, digital and network inputs and a user-installable ssd hard drive slot (chassis underside).

HiFi Rose RS-150B Rear Panel

HiFi ROSE RS-201E on-demo and in-stock

So far we have received the $2195 RS-201E Network Streamer Integrated Amplifier units  - just add speakers and you have a system.  The RS-201E is 11" wide by 8" deep and has an 8.8" touchscreen and integrated 50 watt amplifier. The RS-201E is on-demo and in-stock at Pearl Audio. 

HiFi ROSE RS-150B and RS-250 arriving soon

We have both the $4995 RS-150B Reference Network Streamer and $2195 RS-250 Network Streamer on order for both demo and stock (all finishes). Due to popularity these are sold out at the national distributor (MOFI), but a new container is expected early March. Estimated arrival at Pearl Audio is a week later.  Call us at (503) 222-2599 to reserve. 

Accessory $499 RSA-780E CD Drive/Rippers on-order too.