New Klimax LP12 SE / Ekstatic Review

  • 1 min read

Check out the new Stereophile review of the Klimax Lp12 with the new Ekstatic cartridge.  It's a great review that truly captures how special it is to just use and interact with an LP12.

If you'd like to see and hear one, we have the Klimax LP12 SE Ekstatik on demo, currently hooked up with the Urika II Exakt phono stage.  We also have the Klimax Organik DSM to partner. 

If you'd like to take one home, we have Majik, Akurate & Klimax LP12 in-stock.  We usually have walnut, cherry & rosenut LP12 plinths and maybe a black ash or gloss white here and there.   For timelines, it generally takes us a few days to build/settle/test/tune a new LP12. 

Below is the new Linn Ekstatik cartridge 


John, Russ, Connor & Tara