Magico S3 2023 Arrives

  • 2 min read

We are happy to announce the arrival of the loudspeaker everyone’s talking about, the Magico S3 2023. 

Magico S3 2023 shown here in Racer Blue High Gloss

The S3 2023 loudspeakers are a descendent of Magico’s flagship loudspeaker, the M9, which debuted in 2020. Magico made significant research and development investments for the M9s and the S3 is the first beneficiary of that process outside of Magico's flagship M-Series.

The S3 stands 44” tall and each loudspeaker weighs 222 pounds. This finely engineered instrument is constructed from four separate extruded aluminum panels ranging in thickness from 1/2 to 2 inches. Magico used their new in-house 3D laser interferometry system to measure up to 1000 points on each panel of the new S3 which allowed them to create a thirty percent quieter loudspeaker enclosure than the already remarkably inert previous S3 MkII model.

Each panel is designed to create an edgeless shape including the machined and curved top plate. This design minimizes the diffraction from the enclosure and prevents internal standing waves. A more massive baseplate integrates a newly designed 3-point outrigger system with a new foot design which lowers the center of gravity of the speaker and improves its overall stability while allowing for easy leveling. Extensive internal bracing and damping throughout the loudspeaker creates a lower noise floor and allows increased dynamics. 

All speakers need some time when first out of their crates to warm up and stretch their preverbal legs, but the S3s were ready to turn on the music and perform. The first notes of Dire Straits' You and Your Friend felt as though we were right in the recording studio with the band. From the jump the high-resolution nature of these speakers created a wide and deep soundstage allowing us to blissfully fall into the music.

Jonathan Valin of the Absolute Sound noted in his recent review of the Magico S3s,

“In addition to its superb bass, dark rich timbre, excellent detail, and three-dimensional imaging, the S3’s cast a sensational soundstage of terrific width and depth.”

The S3s tweeter features a 28mm diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm. This increase in diameter from the previous 26mm design is a key element of the tweeter developed for the M9. The 28mm dome diameter and concurrently larger radiating area improves several aspects of performance, including even greater power handling and vanishing low distortion. Combined with a neodymium-based motor system, a new acoustically improved back chamber, and customized shape to integrate into the curved front baffle, the new S3 tweeter offers state-of-the-art performance.

"For a full-range speaker, the voicing is superb. It exceeds my expectation on many fronts. Its ability to create a detailed soundstage. I hear and feel the music - not the speaker," notes John, owner of Pearl Audio. 

If you are interested in experiencing the Magico S3 2023 please reach out to us at (503) 222-2599 to arrange your personal audition.