Luxman, Dynaudio, and TechDAS Recap

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We had another excellent evening of music and good cheer for our Luxman event. This served as the official welcome to Pearl Audio for Luxman. For a little added fun, and since they arrived recently, we added in the premier of the flagship Dynaudio Confidence 60 speakers, and our new TechDAS Air Force V turntable. 

In our front area, we had the entry-level Luxman L-505uXII with Dynaudio Contour 30 speakers.

Below is our small room with the Luxman L-590AXII and L-509x integrated amplifiers with the Dynaudio Confidence 20 stand-mount speakers. For sources we had the (hidden) Linn Akurate DSM streamer and not-so-hidden Luxman PD-171A turntable. 


The Luxman L-509x reference integrated amplifier. Luxman components with white meters indicate they are the reference component for a given series.   

Luxman L-590AXII class-A 30-watt integrated amplifier. Luxman components with amber meters indicate class-A operation.  

 Luxman L-590 Class A Integrated Amplifier

We had both integrated amplifiers on display so that guests could hear direct comparisons of the $9495 Luxman L-590AXII reference vs the $8995 Luxman L-509x Class A. The L-509AXII Reference has 120 watts of power, doubling down to 240 watts into a 4-ohm load, for effortless bass and dynamics. The L-590x class A integrated has less dynamic capability with 30-watts into 8-ohms and 60-watts into 4-ohms, but gave back a significant increase in lifelike textures and realism.  

In our large room, we had the Dynaudio Confidence 60 loudspeakers.

Powering the big Dynaudio Confidence 60s was the Luxman M-900u reference stereo power amplifier which puts out 150 watts into 8-ohms, and can keep doubling down, all the way to a full 1200 watts into 1-ohm.  This ability to source large current into a low impedance load gives the amplifier a tremendous sense of torque when heavy bass notes hit.  

For turntable we had the TechDAS Air Force V with Graham Phantom tonearm.  

The TechDAS Air Force V fed into the Luxman EQ-500 tube phono stage. The amber meters indicate class A operation  which gives your record player an even more lifelike and textured sound. 

For a preamplifier we had the Luxman C-900u reference preamplifier. 

Everything was wired with Nordost Valhalla 2 Reference cables. 

Jeff Sigmund from Luxman gave a talk on the history of Luxman and played us a few tracks to highlight Luxman's signature sound. 

After Jeff's Luxman presentation, Pearl Audio's Connor presented on Dynaudio's new flagship Confidence 60 loudspeakers. 

For the final track Connor let loose the Dynaudio speakers with with the bombastic track Helvegen from the Wardruna album Runaljod - Yggdrasil

 The crowd seemed to enjoy the music. 

After the presentation we enjoyed a little conversation and spirits. Pearl Audio's Russ Sherrell and Luxman's Jim Knight, pictured below, also gave a side by side comparison of the two Luxman integrated amplifiers in the small room. 

Since it was Japanese hifi night, we had Japanese whiskies and Yama Sushi for everyone's enjoyment.

Thanks to everyone for wonderful evening. 

Happy Holidays!

-John, Russ, Connor & Tara.