Dynaudio Confidence 60 Arrives

  • 2 min read

Big news (literally) is the arrival of a set of loaner Dynaudio Confidence 60 loudspeakers. Dynaudio Confidence 60 speakers are in scarce supply worldwide, so Dynaudio is touring some  around while we wait for our actual store demonstrator models.

We knew we would have the loaner Confidence 60s arriving sometime in late Fall 2019. On Wednesday, Nov 6th, out of the blue, we receive an email stating they've shipped from the East Coast. We think "great news, they'll be here next week." What we didn't know what that for some unknown reason the shipping dealer/reviewer shipped themovernight.  

What did happen was was that on Thursday, Nov 7th, the day of our Audio Research evening, we were in a calm scurry around 4:45 p.m. doing final preparations, when up drives a lift-gate truck and drops off six hundred pounds in two giant crates on pallets! Our storeroom was packed with event stuff. Do we stack them discretely? Dowe  hustle the van around and dead lift them in?

Nah, we decided to just unpack them.



If you look closely you can see Russ reflected in the finish.

Just look at those drivers!  Woofer!

And now for the left speaker.

Closeup of Confidence 60 top showing the new Ravenswood finish. 

Dynaudio Confidence 60 - now dusted, spiffed, and ready to rock!  To give you an audio-visual analogy, the Contour 30,  left of the Confidence 60 below is often bought by people who love bass and dynamic music. 

The Confidence 60's now playing in our big room. The dynamics and huge soundstage of these speaker put them clearly into el-magnifico category.  If you wish to hear them we will be premiering them at our Luxman evening on December 5th. 


John, Russ, Connor & Tara.