Boulder Amplifiers

  • 1 min read

Pearl Audio is pleased to announce that we are now a Boulder Amplifiers dealer!

Boulder Amplifiers is a 35 year-old American company that builds studio-inspired neutral and transparent electronics of extraordinary quality. They have five ranges, topped by their 3000 series which can legitimately lay claim to being the best preamplifier and amplifiers in the world. After 35 years of progressively improved engineering design and in-house manufacturing, they've earned it.

Boulder started out building high-end studio electronics that delivered the most neutral and transparent mastering performance available. Frequent buyers for this equipment turned out to be serious home audio enthusiasts, so over the years they gradually transitioned to hifi audio, but the basic idea of building the most transparent and revealing equipment remained. In 2015, they purchased land and built their own 23,000 square foot factory, filled with customized manufacturing equipment. They have extraordinary CNC machining capabilities. They make their own chassis, their own XLR connectors, their own remote controls, and even their own switches. Here at Pearl Audio, we are delighted to finally bring in this amazing collection of world-class, American designed and built electronics.