Audio Research REF160M Monoblocks On Display Now

Pearl Audio has the new Audio Research REF160M tube monoblock power amplifiers on display. With four KT150 power tubes per chassis, these amps punch way beyond their power rating and effortlessly drive all the speakers with which we've listened to them. 

When we first unboxed them, stone-cold and not burned in, we were already amazed at the level of resolution and nuance that the REF160Ms could muster. As we played them over the next few weeks the soundstage expanded beyond walls of the room and the music took on a palpable solidity and drive reminiscent of much larger amplifiers. Yet their fine detail and nuance are what make the REF160M truly special. Surpassing even the highest benchmarks set by previous Audio Research amplifiers, these monoblocks bring the listening experience as close to real music as we've heard.

Call us to arrange a demonstration.