Totem Arro - Floor Model 30% off

Totem Arro - Floor Model 30% off

The Totem Arro shoots straight to the heart. The Arro’s strong frequency extension and broad-spectrum harmonics blend in a phase-perfect conjunction that transmits the true essence of music. With its ultra-slim design, the alluring and versatile Arro speaker is an aesthetic room-pleaser that allows endless placement possibilities.

Omni-directional in character, the Arro defies the laws of physics with extreme bass extension and holographic sound imaging. If you like authentic-sounding performances that reach beyond the realm of space and time, experience the streamlined beauty of the Totem Arro.

Totem Arro dimensions: 5.1W x 33.5H x7.1D

The standard Totem Arro is available in Black Ash, Maghogany, or Satin White.  The Totem Arro Design comes in a fine gloss designer  finish and is available in Totem ICE, DUSK, and FIRE.  

Totem Arro price (Black Ash, Mahogany, Satin White)  $1775

Totam Arro Design price (ICE, DUSK or FIRE finishes) $2295 - Floor Model 30% off

The Totem Arro Design is on display at Pearl Audio Video.