Planar 6 Hana Cartridge

Make to order Rega Planar 6 with your choice of Hana cartridge pre-installed. 

Includes Rega 2mm Stainless Steel Spacers and Rega Tungsten 100g tonearm weight

The Hana cartridges have beautiful midrange reminiscent of a Koetsu. The Rega Planar 6 comes with the R330 tonearm, the multi-layer flywheel effect platter, and an external power supply.  All of these contribute to a placid and relaxed analog sound and provides a wonderful platform for the Hana to bring fourth its signature silky and textured vocals and vivid instrument tonal colors. 

We install the spacers and cartridge then re-box in original Rega box.  If we are shipping the turntable to you, we encourage you to have or purchase a tonearm tracking force gauge because we remove the tonearm weight for shipping.  

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