Apollo CD Player

" This player has a sonic brilliance—a clarity of detail and of musical line, allied with a spatially up-front presentation—that enhances musical engagement" -Art Dudley Rega Apollo Review

"Although cheaper than the other machines, this player is included in the group because it punches above its weight...The only top-loader here, the cantilevered disc door is pleasure to use — seventies throwbacks like me who grew up using vinyl will love the tactility of placing the disc in the machine."-Hifi Choice Rega Apollo Review

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The new Apollo CDP's uses the same electronic circuit found in the hugely successful Apollo-R CD player. Re-housed in Rega's latest custom aluminum case to match the new styling of the Brio amplifier, the Apollo utilizes Rega's own custom chipset and software offering a truly unique level of performance.

The Apollo is the same width as the Rega Brio and looks nice as a side by side system. 

The Apollo is a fundamentally excellent sounding component that works well with Rega integrated amplifiers, but also works well in higher price point systems where someone is primarily music streaming oriented but also wants an excellent moderately priced CD player for occasional use.  The Apollo does have a digital output, but honestly the internal DAC's are so good people tend to use its analog outputs. 

One of the nice longevity features of the Apollo is the use of an off the shelf computer CD rom drive mechanical mechanism. These mechanisms are quite reliable and will likely be made longer than just about any CD mechanism in existence.  One nice future feature is the top lid - it actually was based on the Starship Enterprise.  The lifting top lid is also about as mechanically foolproof as it gets - no looking for a tiny button to open the drawer, now drawer to get misaligned.   Lastly, the on/off and large control buttons are a welcome feature for those who don't have their reading glasses handy. 

Rega Apollo Technical Specifications

  • High Specification Wolfson WM8742 DAC
  • Advanced Output amplifier circuit
  • Advanced Digital power supplies
  • Intelligent user interface
  • Advanced Analogue & Digital outputs
  • CD remote with amplifier functionality
  • Dimensions W 220mm x D 342mm x H 90mm
  • Shelf  height required to operate CD lid fully extended is 170mm
  • NB. Lid will operate comfortably within a shelf height of 150mm without fully extending.

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