Quadraspire Racks

Quadraspire SVT Rack

Price shown is for a three level rack. Quadraspire pricing is by the level. Each level includes your choice of columns or feet.  The SVT rack is priced at $449/level, so a three shelf rack is 3* $449 = $1347.   One of the photos shows a build example using a Q4 rack. 

Suitable for mid to upper priced HiFi systems, the SVT represents a sizable improvement over the entry level Q4. Shelf thickness and depth are increased, allowing for more sizable components. Core to the Quadraspire philosophy of sound, mass is kept in check via slots cut through the shelf, which has the added benefit of increased ventilation. The shelves are supported by concave 32mm solid aluminum columns, tuned to reduce resonance optimism quick energy transfer from level to level. The resonance of the shelf is tuned further via brass inserts where the columns make contact. Available in veneered MDF, or solid bamboo to further improve sound.