Turntable Package

Pro-ject T1 Phono SB / audioengine A5/A5+

Tabletop Pro-ject T1 and Audioengine A5 system

Pro-ject T1 SB phono turntable #399

audioengine A5 powered speakers $399

The Pro-ject T1 iSB Phono turntable is the key to making this system work at it's price point because it comes in at price of $399 with built-in phono MM stage.  Pro-ject T1 features the Debut Aluminum tonearm, custom on-board phono stage, and  an Ortofon OM 5E cartridge.  The T1 has a 33/45 rpm speed selector button and includes a dust cover. 
The Audioengine A5 has both a remote control and a volume knob on the front of the speaker. It comes in two versions: A5 ($399) which is a traditional powered analog speaker, and A5+ ($469) which adds bluetooth - the photo showing the little antenna is the bluetooth version. 

A5 Bamboo finish +$100. 

Turntable Finish
Speaker Finish

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