Turntable Package

Pro-ject Recordmaster / audioengine HD6

Tabletop Pro-ject Recordmaster and Audioengine HD6 system

Pro-ject Recordmaster turntable $449

audioengine HD6 powered speakers $699

Compared to the Pro-ject T1 turntable, the Pro-ject Recordmaster belongs to the nicer Debut turntable range and has a USB output so you can use this to record your vinyl to your computer.  Basically Pro-ject took the Debut Carbon DC, swapped the Carbon Debut tonearm for the Aluminum Debut tonearm, swapped the Ortofon 2M Red for the OM10, and added a USB capable phono stage.   The Recordmaster has the low-clutter of a built-in phono stage combined with the nicer gloss white/black and real-walnut finishes to go with the HD6 speakers. 

Potential Recordmaster upgrades include the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, Acryl-It platter, Clamp-It record clamp, and Speed Box S2 motor controller. 

The HD6 is a pretty big step up sonically from the A5, has real wood walnut/cherry and a nice metal trim surround for the volume and included grill.  Compared to the audioengine A5,  HD6  has a 24-bit DAC, a larger cabinet and bass driver, two analog inputs, Toslink digital input, and aptX HD Bluetooth - which has higher bit-rate digital audio and greater distance range than standard Bluetooth. 

Turntable Finish
Speaker Finish

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