MC Anna

The Ortofon’s MC Anna represents the highest echelon of Moving Coil cartridges. This state of the art product, representative of numerous Ortofon design elements and ideals, is truly exemplary of the highest degree of performance possible in contemporary analogue playback technology.

Output impedance of 6 ohm and a low-to-medium output voltage of 0.2 mV make MC Anna a perfect partner for most MC phono preamps and step-up transformers. The MC Anna is a heavy cartridge at 16g, so care needs to be taken in choosing a tonearm and said tonearm needs to have enough counterbalance to support the weight.  Big gun tonearms like Graham Phantom/Elite, SME V, or Triplanar are ideal as they have the bearing robustness to handle the weight and the bearing precision to bring out the resolution the MC Anna is capable of. 

Ortofon’s MC Anna focuses on providing music in its entirety without compromise, offering an ideal balance of precision and musicality to provide an engaging experience on a whole new level.

Output 0.2 mV

Compliance 9 µm/mN

Stylus: Ortofon Replicant 100 on Boron Cantilever

Tracking Force: 2.6 g

Cartridge Weight 16g