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Ortofon 2M Blue MM Cartridge

Ortofon Blue Cartridge

This is an upgrade over the Ortofon 2M Red.  It brings additional resolution, dynamics and a more open sound.  It has a slightly higher frequency response of 25 Khz vs the Ortofon 2M Red's 22 Khz. 

Like the 2M Red, this is a forgiving cartridge, so if you have a midrange turntable or perhaps an older vintage table, this is an excellent choice.  We do caution that if you are a first-time DIY installer, this can be a bit of a challenge due to the very small amount of the stylus you can see when setting azimuth.  It's pretty hard to get this cartridge right using an inexpensive 2 point or paper protractor. We recommend installing with a professional beam protractor like the Feickert, Smartractor, or Sumiko Align-It.      

  • Nude Elliptical Diamond
  • Split Pole Pins
  • 5.5 mV Output
  • 20-22 KHz
  • 1.8g Tracking Force