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Ortofon 2M Bronze MM Cartridge

The Ortofon 2M Bronze is an upgrade over the 2M Blue. It has an upgraded lower output motor and a nude fine-line stylus.  The 2M Bronze will be a little less forgiving than the 2M Blue, so try to use it on a little nicer tonearm with better bearings.  

The 2M Bronze is a little more refined and gentle sounding than the 2M Blue - it gets rid of some of the slightly brash upper range glare. It's not quite as fast and gives up some resolution to its bigger brother the 2M Black , but rewards with a little more forgiving setup - we'd recommend putting one of these on an older or midrange table over the 2M Black.  Excellent cartridge.  If you love your 2M Blue, this is an excellent upgrade path. 

  • Nude Fine Line Diamond
  • 5 mV Output
  • 20-29 KHz
  • 1.8g Tracking Force