Mark Levinson

Nº 5805 Integrated Amplifier

Feel the very soul of the artist’s performance with an integrated amplifier that delivers powerfully pure sound. The № 5805 contains a high-performance preamplifier and class-A/B amplifier in one beautiful, iconic piece, so you can experience dynamic and vibrant digital audio.

Detailed Digital Audio
Experience outstanding audio quality from your entire digital music collection. The Mark Levinson № 5802 includes a premium Precision Link II Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) that accurately reproduces audio signals and minimizes noise, so you can discover new details in your favorite songs.

Virtually Distortion Free
With pristine class-A/B amplification and a highly capable power supply, the № 5805 delivers an abundance of power to your loudspeakers — and fills an entire room with rich, distortion-free sound.

High-Performance Headphone Output
Unleash all the performance your headphones can deliver. The № 5802 includes a class-A analog stage to power your headphones. Experience an incredibly personal listening experience — and lose yourself completely in the music.


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