Mark Levinson

Nº 5105 Turntable

Showcase your vinyl collection with a turntable custom made with the finest materials, technology and artisanship in the world. With a lavish design and outstanding performance, the № 5105 is engineered to reveal every intricate nuance from a song’s original recording with explosive dynamics and an expansive sonic image.

Seriously Stable
Machined from solid aluminum, the № 5105’s plinth and platter are exceptionally stable. To provide a completely quiet platform, the heavy chassis also rests on adjustable isolation feet. The result is extraordinary stability that allows the cartridge to accurately reproduce every intricacy of your music — without interference from external vibrations.

Precision Tracking
The № 5105’s ultralight and ridged carbon fiber arm tube provides outstanding cartridge stability. This allows the cartridge and stylus to pick up all the subtle details hidden in your record’s grooves and reveal the crystal-clear dynamics and space of your music.

Superior Sound Reproduction
The № 5105’s custom gimbal ensures low-friction movement both horizontally and vertically, which is critical to creating a wide and deep three-dimensional sound stage. Hear the location of each instrument and the reflections of the room where the music was recorded with pinpoint accuracy.

Aluminum Headshell with Integrated Finger Lift
One-piece design for rigidity, low mass and high-quality performance.

Adjustable Isolation Feet and Built-In Bubble Level
Keep the record player perfectly level, so the sound can take center stage.

Exceptional Artisanship
Incorporating the finest materials and precision crafted parts, the № 5105 is designed to be the centerpiece of your home audio system.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-8 days