L-590AXII Class A Integrated Amplifier

"The people at Luxman have perfectly succeeded, in my opinion, in finding this fragile balance between transparency and musicality, focusing on listening pleasure rather than hyper-analyticity. It is a transistor component that nevertheless offers this hint of warmth that is usually found in Vacuum Tube components"' -Georges Poulin, L-590AXII review.

The Luxman L-590AXII is a pure Class A integrated amplifier. The sound it produces is alive, intimate and textured. The L-590AXII has amber meters, which Luxman uses fore their pure Class A amplifiers. 

We're often asked to compared the Class AB L-509X and the Class A L-590AXII. Which is better? Honestly, it depends on the speakers and the listener.

The L-509X has phenomenal power delivery and little bit faster sense of transients. It can drive just about anything and provide great bass and high listening levels. But turn to the stout 30 watts of the L-590AXII and for solo vocals, classical and steel string guitars, violins, cellos, flutes, and other acoustic instruments it has some of the most seductive, textured and alive sound we've ever heard. If you walked into a room blindfolded, and didn't know Luxman's sound, you'd probably guess it was an exotic Class A tube amp with some large 845 or 211 tubes, a touch less presence, and a heroically quiet circuit. The L-590AXII sounds alive and musically realistic. 

I don't think any other company would have nor could have built such an exquisitely crafted component that brings such textured and alive Class A sound in a reasonably sized and priced package. It's special, it's a labor of love, and I'm glad Luxman makes it.