DA-250 DAC

The Luxman D-250 DAC is a high-performance digital-to-analog converter that delivers exceptional sound quality and versatility. This device features an exotic design with a sleek black finish and a large OLED display that showcases essential information such as track number, time, and playback parameters. The device's sturdy aluminum casing ensures durability and longevity. The D-250 DAC's advanced design provides an upgrade to any stereo system or sound setup compatible with USB or coaxial digital inputs.

The D-250 employs advanced technology to deliver exceptional sound quality. The device uses a high-resolution design with a 32-bit/384kHz digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and boasts circuitry controlling resonance, harmonics, and distortion for clear dynamic sound. The device features a high-performance LxDTM-i clocking circuit which reduces jitter and ensures precise processing for a highly immersive and detailed audio experience. The device also supports a range of audio codecs, including PCM and DSD, allowing for versatile compatibility with multiple devices.

The Luxman D-250 DAC is a highly advanced audio device with a comprehensive set of features. The DAC offers a multitude of connectivity options, including two types of digital input: USB and coaxial. It features customizable gain control, an adjustable digital filter, a phase inversion feature, and a selectable digital volume control, ensuring the best possible audio setup for users. With its advanced technology and exceptional sound quality, the Luxman D-250 DAC is a premium audio device, suitable for those who demand the best audio performance possible.