LP12 Network

We've seen it happen a few times where someone wants to have their turntable on one side of the room from their stereo. In the past this meant you needed to hide a balanced output phono stage component near the turntable, then run long balanced interconnects through the walls to the main system. 

Linn now has an internal moving coil phono stage called the Urika II that has a Linn Exakt link output which uses straight-run ethernet cable to connect to your main Exakt compatible Linn system.  Urika II attaches to a special bottom plate on the LP12 and sits completely inside the LP12, powered by the external Radikal power supply. 

Urika II requires the Radikal external power supply.  To create an LP12 Network we start with Linn's Akurate LP12 package which is a complete table including the Kore sub-chassis, Akito III tonearm, Krystal MC cartridge, and a Lingo 4 power supply.  The package saves you enough that it's worth it to purchase the package and credit the Lingo 4 power supply back. 

Linn Akurate LP12 package 

Lingo 4 Power Supply 

Linn Radikal Motor, Radical Power Supply, Urika II Phono stage 

The Urika II phono stage performs in the realm of separate $5000-$7000 phono stages, and a 30 foot run of quality ethernet cable is inexpensive compared to good balanced interconnects, so it's a very good deal.

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