Turntable Package

Linn Akurate LP12 / Exakt 530 System

Linn's Akurate LP12 turntable with Linn Exakt System.

Linn Akurate LP12 turntable $11930

Linn Akurate Hub streaming Integrated Amplifier $5200

Linn 530 Isobarik Exakt speakers $17330

In this system Linn Exakt speakers allow us use a Linn Akurate Hub instead of a Linn Akurate DSM and link them with network cables.  The regular $10,250 Linn Akurate DSM preamplifier/streamer has both traditional analog outputs and Exakt outputs while the $4000 Linn Akurate Hub is the same except no analog outputs, $6250 cheaper, and can only be used with Linn Exact speakers - like the Linn 520, 530, Akudorik, Akubarik, Klimax.  

The Akurate LP12 is one of the best values in our store - it's a classic and iconic LP12 turntable that's well optioned to sit squarely in the realm of high performance analog, but also provides Linn's long-term LP12 support and upgrades for today and tomorrow. The Akurate LP12 has the Kore aluminum sub-chassis, Akito III tonearm, Lingo 4 external power supply and Krystal moving coil cartridge. Over time you can selectively upgrade the Akurate LP12 to a full boat Klimax LP12.  At Pearl Audio we give excellent trade-in values - for example if you originally bought the table from us, we would credit you the full retail price of the Lingo 4 power supply towards a Radikal*.

* Our twice trade-up policy - a current model Pearl bought component may be traded in for price-paid credit towards a single like item of twice the price. 

Linn's Akurate Hub presents us with one of the best system building components we've encountered. Why is it only $4000 compared to the $10,250 Akurate DSM? Well, because it has no analog output circuitry and DAC. In this system the Linn 530's built-in DAC and analog circuitry are used - this is true for any Linn Exakt speaker. 

The Linn 530 loudspeaker is a powered Linn Exakt Isobarik Speaker. The powered part means amplifiers built into the body of the speaker, one for each driver, with a digital crossover in front of each amplifier. The Exakt part means that it converts the digital music from the network cable into sound while also correcting for room size, dimension and speaker placement in the room.  The Isobarik part is two downward firing woofers that sit sequentially one on top of the other, giving powerful tight bass from a small cabinet size. 

Lastly, in additional to vinyl playback, this system is a full Linn DS network music player with native support for Tidal and QoBuz music.