Linn 530

Compact and customizable with breathtaking musicality; finally a high performance music system you can personalize to complement your home.

The 530 speakers provide a far bigger performance than their discreet dimensions would imply. Together with the Akurate network music player, the system will stream all your digital music in stunning Linn quality, while also letting you connect all your other music sources.

Linn's innovative integrated speakers have power and intelligence built-in. A specially designed module, suspension-mounted on the back of each speaker, houses the powerful amps and Exakt electronics that optimize performance. Now you don't need lots of hi-fi separates to make great sound.

The great pairing for these is Linn's Exakt Akurate DSM priced at $4K.  This makes a complete Aktiv Exact Linn system for $19,200.  You connect the 530 speakers to the DSM with ethernet cables and the DSM has built in Linn music streaming, so you don't need a cd player.

The essential difference between the Linn 520 and 530 is the 530 is a bit larger and has isobarik bass drivers in their lower part.  This allows them to energize a larger room with more prominent bass and dynamics.