Luxman L-595ASE Class A Integrated Amplifier

The L-595ASE SPECIAL EDITION operates in pure class A mode, eliminating crossover distortion during amplification. The rated output of 30W + 30W (8Ω) is generated by the power amplifier circuits. Its three stage Darlington equipped, triple paralleled push-pull configuration greatly improves S/N ratio and high-frequency distortion characteristics, bestowing a textural clarity and the drivability of a pre and power amplifier combination. The power supply section features a large, highly regulated power transformer with independent left and right channel high-capacity filter capacitors which combine to supply instantaneous power with great stability. And unique, vibration-damped constructions are employed throughout. Large speaker relays with very low resistance achieve low impedance at the speaker terminals. All of these technologies contribute to achieving the finest level of musical expression expected from a pure class A product.

The L-595ASE SPECIAL EDITION incorporates the finest of LUXMAN’s latest circuit technologies. The original ODNF feedback circuit, which achieves the highest initial slew rate, has evolved into the latest ODNF-u version with improved error detection circuitry. The volume control section uses the new LECUA1000 88-step electronically controlled attenuator, which minimizes sound quality deterioration at low levels, and a discrete buffer that increases the driving force of the preamplifier circuit. Copper-clad steel shielding protects the transmission path of delicate signals from external noise. The copper alloy RCA terminals have the conductivity of copper and the hardness of brass.