Hana SL Cartridge

Stereophile Class B

"singers and instruments sound denser and more real."

"naturally supple viscosity and glowing vivid tone."-Herb Reichert, Stereophile review

The .5 mV output Hana SL is the lower output cartridge from the Hana S Series. A voltage of .5 is suitable for most higher end built-in phono stages such as those found in McIntosh and Luxman components. Pearl Audio's in-store Luxman PD-171A turntable sports the Hana EL and it sounds fantastic with accompanying Luxman receivers and preamplifiers. 

Hana SL and SH moving coil cartridges are upgrades over the EL/EH series with upgraded tolerances and nude Shibata styluses on aluminum cantilevers.  They are excellent cartridges but like their bigger brother ML/MH series, care must be taken with matching tonearms and tonearm height adjustability due to the narrow profile stylus.  Shibata styluses in general require a fairly high level of skill and good turntable tools and magnification to install correctly, so if you are in Portland, we would definitely recommend you have us install it.  

The SL/SH cartridges are fairly light weighing in at 5g so if you have an older low-mass tonearm with high quality bearings these are an excellent choice at their price points.  The sonic profile is on the polite and sweet side but with notable speed and a high level detail - reminiscent of Hibiki and other high end Japanese cartridges. 

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