Six outlet component conditioner, 2x High Current Outlets, 75dB RFI reduction, includes Premier C19 -Black or Silver

The EVO3 Sigmas is the bigger brother of our highly respected EVO3 Aquarius. Again offering 4 medium power outlets, now rated at 10A and 2 high current 16A, driven by a light version of the Titan’s Direct-Coupled© circuit. It represents an extremely cost effective full system upgrade.

Removes both Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.

RFI reduction 75dB

Six unique conditioning stages ensure optimal isolation between all outlets. Two high-current outlets incorporate part of Titan’s Direct-Coupled© circuit. Four outlets feature

IsoTek unique Adaptive Gating© circuit, which auto-senses the load.

LED Display showing voltage and THD distortion of the mains.

KERP© (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path) ensures equal resistance and equal power delivery across all outlets.

108,000A of instantaneous protection.

Internal wiring; solid core silver plated PCOCC with FEP virtually an air dielectric.

Two high-current outlets delivering 3,680W continuous. Four medium-current outlets delivering 2,300W continuous.

Photos show European outlets. US models have US outlets.