Quadraspire Racks

Quadraspire SV2T Rack

Price shown is for a three level rack. Quadraspire pricing is by the level. Each level includes your choice of columns or feet. The SVT2 rack is priced at $799/level, so a three shelf is 3* $799=$2397.  One of the photos shows an example of how to build using the Q4 rack. 

Quadraspire SVT2T is a double-wide SVT, and in our opinion the best and most versatile of the Quadraspire racks for those with larger systems. Get Bamboo, it sounds better!  

It's fairly easy to build an eight component four shelf double-wide that is only 32-26" tall, yet gives you room for 8 components.  You specify shorter 4" columns for your narrower components such as Aurender's or Melco's, and 10-13" columns for larger for items such as McIntosh amplifiers.  

A two shelf SV2T is nice if you want keep 4 components low and in-between your speakers. Your speakers will sound better with a low rack between them.  See bamboo/black column picture.

With SVT, if you're trying to keep your rack low,  you can also push your luck a little more with lower height compartments (shorter columns) for your your heat generating components because of the Quadraspire machined in vents and narrow columns which have outstanding cooling ability.  

With the Bronze Upgrade you can also have a top shelf with extra isolation for your turntable. See black/black rack with Bronze upgrade for example. 

  • double wide upgrade equipment rack solution identical to SVT except for dimensions
  • 264 lb weight capacity per shelf
  • 6 columns included per shelf configures identically to SVT
  • See SVT description for more on options.