Planar 6 Ortofon Cartridge

Make to order Rega Planar 6 with your choice of Ortofon cartridge pre-installed. 

Includes Rega 2mm Stainless Steel Spacers and Rega Tungsten 100g tonearm weight

We install the spacers and cartridge then re-box in original Rega box.  If we are shipping the turntable to you, we encourage you to have or purchase a tonearm tracking force gauge because we remove the tonearm weight for shipping.   

Ortofon cartridges have flat and accurate frequency responses and tend to be very true-to-the-recording in presentation with large soundstage and strong dynamics. 

A good MM strategy is to buy a 2M Red with Fono Mini or Phono MM, then later upgrade the 2M to a 2M Blue by just buying the stylus.  Similarly you can buy a 2M Bronze with a Phono MM (or Aria) then upgrade to a 2M Black by buying the stylus replacement.  

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