2M Black MM Cartridge

The Ortofon 2M Black is distinguished by its Nude Shibata stylus. This gives this cartridge class leading performance for cost. One challenge point to keep in mind with a 2M black is the need for a fairly high end tonearm with high end bearings that are not worn out.  

The narrow profile stylus really needs this because it cannot be shimmying and moving around in groove or you'll hear significant distortion and likely do more record damage than most. The Shibata tip is like a narrow knife blade in the groove instead of a gentler ellipsoid like a 2M Red or 2M Blue so it cannot be experiencing the eccentric motion you get from less precise or worn-bearing tonearms.  We don't generally recommend these for vintage tables unless we can see/test your tonearm ahead of time. 

This cartridge is a good one if you already have a high specification tonearm and don't want to get into big expensive MC cartridges or if you have a phono stage that does better with high output cartridges.

One interesting system builder/upgrade strategy with the Ortofon Black is to invest in a very good turntable with a high end tonearm, and put one of these on it to start. You can use the Ortofon 2M Black with a mid-priced or internal phono stage (the 5 mV output allows this). At a later date when you want to move into reference MC cartridges, you will already have a tonearm that can handle them, and you can invest in a nice external phono stage that can handle a Low output (.25-.35 mv) or Med-Low (.4mV-.7mV) output cartridge. 

  • Nude Shibata
  • 5 mV Output
  • 20-31 KHz
  • 1.5g Tracking Force